A cosy corner for would be writers

Stephen Aleppo

Franz Kafka Prize, European Union Prize for Literature, Goethe Prize, The Hans Christian Anderson Award, …… these are just a few of the things I have never won and am never likely to…….  But I’m still doing something I love (God Bless Amazon) and ultimately that’s all that counts.
Born Camberwell London 1959 (OMG!!)
Grew up in Mitcham, Tooting and Clapham.
Have been writing as a hobby since Primary school.  English was about the only thing I ever excelled at and writing for me was always on the cards even if I was generally too lazy to sit down and do it.  Only recently started making a real effort in the last five years or so.
My other serious Hobby is Photography.

Just uploaded my first ebook to Amazon.  Seven Days of the Demon. And even if it sells 0, I’m still buzzing about it.  It’s aimed at a young teen market who want a bit of horror without a gorefest.
The next one, Swot Island will be finished in about a week.  Just doing the final edits now.  And after that I’m definitely going to finish the Out of Body Experience book I’ve been promising myself I would finish for just about as long as I can remember.

Enjoy writing for the younger Teen Market as I still tend to think like a fourteen year old.  Shame I haven’t got the legs to go with the outlook anymore, but it comes to us all.
If I had the guts I’d like to be a stand up comic.
One of the worst sins in life is to take yourself too seriously.


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